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Andrey Vilesov
Andrey is a professor in the departments of Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy in the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. His research includes properties of superfluid helium nanodroplets and the characteristics of the atomic and molecular aggregates inside these droplets.
Chris Van de Walle
Chris G. Van de Walle is a Professor in the Materials Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the Herbert Kroemer Chair in Materials Science. Prior to joining UCSB he was a Principal Scientist at Xerox PARC (1991-2004). He is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the APS, the AVS, the AAAS, the MRS, and the IEEE, and the recipient of a Humboldt Award for Senior US Scientist, the 2002 David Adler Award from the APS, and the 2013 Medard W. Welch Award from the AVS.

Founding Member

Greg Voth
I am a Professor of Physics at Wesleyan University. My research focuses on turbulent fluid flows using video imaging to measure 3D particle motion. Recently we have been using 3D printing to fabricate complex particle shapes and we find fascinating behavior like the chiral dipole shaped particles that choose a preferred direction to rotate in random isotropic turbulence.