Ferromagnetic liquids take shape

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Liquid magnetism
by Robert Streubel, Scott Schrage

You may have heard that there are three main phases of matter: solids, liquids, and gases (plus plasma if you want to get fancy). Liquids can take virtually any shape and deform instantly. Solid materials possess interesting electronic and magnetic properties essential to our daily life. But how about designing rigid liquids with magnetic properties? Impossible? Not anymore. Click to learn more!

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Ferromagnetic liquids take shape2022-12-19T23:18:57-06:00

When you’re small, liquids behave like slippery solids

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Nanoscale fluid mechanics

We think we're pretty familiar with how ordinary liquids behave, but it turns out that some of the basic things we know are no longer true when we look at these liquids on short enough length scales and fast enough time scales. The liquids start to behave more like solids, pushing back when you push on them, and slipping across solid surfaces instead of being dragged along. Click to ride the tiny-but-mighty new wave of nanofluidics!

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When you’re small, liquids behave like slippery solids2022-02-01T12:09:59-06:00
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