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I am a Professor of Physics at Wesleyan University. My research focuses on turbulent fluid flows using video imaging to measure 3D particle motion. Recently we have been using 3D printing to fabricate complex particle shapes and we find fascinating behavior like the chiral dipole shaped particles that choose a preferred direction to rotate in random isotropic turbulence.

Fluid Dynamics of Paper Making

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Fibers and turbulence

Measurements of the three-dimensional motion of fibers in turbulent fluid flow are helping us understand the multiphase flows involved in making paper.

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Fluid Dynamics of Paper Making2020-10-14T14:27:43-06:00

Use Light to Turn Your World Upside-Down!

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Making upside-down images

We can easily observe light with our eyes, and so it is one of the most familiar parts of the world around us. And yet, light often does amazing and unexpected things. Light travels in straight lines from the source to our eyes. This fact allows us to understand many of the cool things that light can do. In this lesson, we will observe how light creates mirages and shadows. And we will build a pinhole camera which makes things appear upside-down. We can understand the upside-down images by thinking about the straight line that the light took from the object to the screen.

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Use Light to Turn Your World Upside-Down!2017-06-08T15:32:37-06:00
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