Painting with magnets

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Domains and Disks
by Shireen Adenwalla, Xiaoshan Xu

Magnets curve themselves into beautiful patterns called domains, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Now that magnetic paint and nail polish are easily available, we can use magnets to create all kinds of magnetic patterns which we can see, photograph, erase and rewrite! Click to find out how YOU can paint with magnets!

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Painting with magnets2023-05-19T15:33:51-06:00

Writing the Magnetic Alphabet

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Laser memory

Instead of pencil, paper, and eraser, we can use combinations of lasers and magnetic materials to write, read, and and erase information by varying the temperature and magnetic field. Here we apply our laser "pencil" to magnetic "paper" to write the letter ā€œNā€ (Go Huskers!!). This technique allows us write, erase, and rewrite tiny magnetic memories like those found in your computer hard drive and other devices. Click to learn how it works!

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Writing the Magnetic Alphabet2022-05-12T12:07:11-06:00
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