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Associate professor of physics at Brown University working on experimental study of the quantum properties of materials.

Exotic Quantum States

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Quantum weirdness

At ordinary temperatures and at the subatomic level, chaos is the rule. At low enough temperatures, however, electrons are constrained, forming exotic phases that exhibit long-range order, or repeating patterns.

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Exotic Quantum States2017-11-21T13:53:34-06:00

Going With the FFLO

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Magnets and superconductors

Superconductors and magnetic fields do not usually get along, but a research team led by a Brown University physicist has produced new evidence for an exotic superconducting state that can indeed arise when a superconductor is subject to a strong magnetic field. Their results could enable scientists to develop materials for more efficient memory storage, and even help to explain the behavior of distant astronomical objects called pulsars.

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Going With the FFLO2016-02-24T11:38:01-06:00
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