About nicolesharp

Science communicator Nicole Sharp is an expert at making science interesting and understandable. Ten years ago as an aerospace engineering PhD student at Texas A&M University, she established the FYFD blog to celebrate fluid dynamics – the physics of everything that flows. Since then, she’s built an audience of more than 330,000 readers and had her work featured by The New York Times, The Guardian, Die Welt, Wired, and others. In addition to blogging and making videos on her YouTube channel, Nicole runs her own company, sharing her expertise in crafting scientific narratives with researchers, companies, and students. She’s delivered more than 40 invited talks, lectures, and workshops, with clients including Harvard University, Stanford University, and the United States Military Academy. She particularly enjoys helping scientists tell their stories through video. In addition to her PhD, Nicole holds a Master of Science from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science from Case Western Reserve University, both in aerospace engineering. She lives with her husband in Denver, Colorado, where they enjoy cycling, skiing, and playing board games.
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