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We Blinded Them With Science!

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Physics Demos

(But Not Literally, Because Everyone Wore Safety Goggles) This video showcases the highlights of Jeremy Levy's physics demonstrations for the Investing Now program at the University of Pittsburgh, through which students explored Newton's laws of motion, optical phenomena, and the delicious effects of liquid nitrogen on cream and sugar.

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We Blinded Them With Science!2021-01-28T09:47:10-06:00

Interacting with the World’s Universal Building Blocks

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Free app

AtomTouch is a free, interactive molecular simulation app, created by researchers at the University of Wisconsin Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (UW MRSEC) to allow learners to explore principles of thermodynamics and molecular dynamics in an tactile, engaging way.

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Interacting with the World’s Universal Building Blocks2021-07-14T11:15:48-06:00

Froot Loops, Legos, and Self-Assembly

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Forming nanostructures

Self-assembly is the process by which individual building blocks—at the smallest level, atoms—spontaneously form larger structures. The structures they form depend on the size and shape of the building blocks, and on the conditions to which these building blocks are exposed. This can be demonstrated quite simply using breakfast cereal, or for more complex cases using specially prepared Legos.

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Froot Loops, Legos, and Self-Assembly2021-07-14T11:15:04-06:00

Painting with magnets

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Domains and Disks
by Shireen Adenwalla, Xiaoshan Xu

Magnets curve themselves into beautiful patterns called domains, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Now that magnetic paint and nail polish are easily available, we can use magnets to create all kinds of magnetic patterns which we can see, photograph, erase and rewrite! Click to find out how YOU can paint with magnets!

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Painting with magnets2023-05-19T15:33:51-06:00
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