Building Molecular Circuits with DNA

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World's smallest diode

Diodes, also known as rectifiers, are a basic component of modern electronics. As we work to create smaller, more powerful and more energy-efficient electronic devices, reducing the size of diodes is a major objective. Recently, a research team from the University of Georgia developed the world's smallest diode using a single DNA molecule. This diode is so small that it cannot be seen by conventional microscopes.

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Improving Transparent Electronics

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Transparent conducting oxides

Transparent conducting oxides are unusual but highly useful materials that combine transparency to visible light, similar to glass, with high electrical conductivity, similar to copper and other metals.

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Improving Transparent Electronics 2016-02-23T16:12:38+00:00

Swing-Dancing Electron Pairs

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Superconductors are materials that permit electrical current to flow without energy loss. Their amazing properties form the basis for magnetic resonance imaging devices as well as emerging technologies such as quantum computers. At the heart of all superconductors is the bunching of electrons into pairs.

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